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Growee makes day to day freelancing tasks seamless and time efficient.

Project creation


Master your projects
Managing multiple projects is a breeze with Growee. Keep all your projects neatly organized in one place. Monitor progress, set milestones, and collaborate seamlessly with your clients. No more juggling between different platforms. Focus on your work, not on scattered tools.


Simplified invoicing

Invoicing made easy with Growee
Create professional invoices effortlessly. Just select your project, and our system will generate a detailed invoice for you. Track payments, send reminders, and get paid faster. Enjoy the convenience of efficient invoicing.

Time logging

Time logging

More time for what matters most to you
Imagine having more free time to invest in your skills, take on new projects, or simply relax. Growee is designed to help you reclaim your time, so you can strike the perfect work-life balance.


Reports made easy

Insightful reporting
Gain valuable insights into your business performance with our robust reporting tools. Growee provides real-time data on projects, expenses, and earnings. Make informed decisions and set achievable goals.

Client management


Effortless client management
Growee simplifies client management, allowing you to focus on what you do best—delivering exceptional service. Experience the convenience of organized client data and seamless communication.



Organize your digital workspace
Say goodbye to cluttered folders and scattered documents. Growee keeps your data organized and easily accessible. Your digital workspace is tidy and efficient.


Configurations & Integrations

Integration with your favorite tools
Growee integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Slack and Google Calendar. Connect your workspaces and enjoy a unified experience. No need to switch between apps; everything's in one place.


All data is 100% secure

Your data, your security
We prioritize your data security. Growee is 100% secure, with all your information encrypted. Your peace of mind is our commitment as you manage your business efficiently.

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