Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! Here you will find answers to the most common questions we receive. Whether you have questions about how Growee works, the payment process, data security, we are here to help. If your question isn't covered here, we encourage you to contact us directly at Our team is available to provide you with full support.

    • What exactly does Growee do?

      Growee optimizes the management of leaves, documents, and employee management. It can replace Google Drive and a series of other spreadsheets, making you and your company more organized, saving time and money.

    • Can I download data from Growee?

      Yes, we have a feature that allows you to download all your data and documents, or your employees' documents.

    • Can leave types be configured in Growee?

      Yes, we offer preset settings for different leave policies, such as paid leave, medical leave, child care leave, etc. However, you can fully adjust each leave policy according to your company's own needs.

    • Can I receive automatic notifications from Growee, so I don't forget about the evaluation day or signing documents?

      We send you automatic notifications for events such as evaluations or anniversaries, so you don't forget important things regarding your team. Additionally, Growee allows you to set expiration dates for documents and sends automatic reminders, so you know which documents need renewal.

    • What other platforms does Growee integrate with?

      Growee is integrated with Google Calendar and Slack, so you can easily synchronize company events and receive notifications about leaves directly in Slack.

    • How much does Growee cost?

      Growee is free for up to 3 employees. This plan is perfect for companies that are just starting out or those who want to test Growee. After that, the price is $2 per user, you have an unlimited number of employees and additionally you get the possibility of online document signing, integration with Slack and Google Calendar, document templates, etc. See more details on the Pricing page.