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Dashboard page

Event Dashboard

A live, shared wall chart
All of your team’s availability all in one place – planning ahead has never looked so beautiful.

Shared company events
Now you have a single dashboard to see company events, national holidays, colleague holidays, all in one place.

Personalized timeline
You can record important events such as evaluations, holidays, birthdays and create a nice timeline for everybody in the company. Seeing the progress and associated events of each person has never been easier.

Holiday details

Leave administration

One click holiday approvals
Growee lets you configure who can approve holidays. Once someone requests a holiday, the holiday approver will get notified and can approve or reject a holiday with 1 click.

Leave history and balance
Tracking leave balance is a mess, we do it so you don't have to worry about it.
Balances are automatically updated when holidays are approved or rejected. You can also customize starting balances and bonuses.

Configurable holiday policies
We provide sensible defaults for various holiday policies such as paid leave, sick leave, child care leave etc. However, you can fully tweak each holiday policy based on your own company's needs.

Employee documents

Employee oversight

All employee information in one place
You don't need many different tools to store relevant employee information anymore. With Growee you can store personal information, salary information, relevant documents and copies all in one place.

Automatic reminders
We send automatic reminders for events such as evaluations or birthdays so you don't forget about the important things when it comes to your team.

Easy onboarding
Onboarding new people is easier with Growee. You can set up the employee profile and invite them to use the application when suitable.

Preview document

Document management

Manage documents
Growee lets you upload and manage documents for each employee. It lets you preview and download all employee documents in case you need them for legal or other reasons.

Sign documents
Growee integrates with SignRequest and allows you to easily prepare and sign documents right after uploading them. Upload, prepare, send for signing and you're good to go. You can now do it from one application.

Expiration reminders
Have you ever wondered about expired contracts ? Growee allows you to set expiration dates for documents and sends automatic reminders so you know which documents need renewal.

Evaluation details


Employee evaluations
Growee allows you to schedule evaluations ahead of time and remind you about them. Through evaluations you can record salary changes or company role changes. These are automatically reflected in the employee's timeline.

Evaluation types
You can configure the evaluation types you need such as technical or salary evaluations. On top of that, you can set assignees for each evaluation.

Configurations page

Configurations & Integrations

Everything configurable
For the tech savvy people we have configurations for a lot of things, wether it's document types, contract types or even holiday policies. We provide sensible defaults, however you can always change them quickly in your application.

Calendar connectivity
We provide integrations with Google Calendar and Slack so you can sync your company holidays easily or get notified about someone's vacation via Slack.

Certificate of trust

All data is 100% secure

Personal data is encrypted (e.g., national identification number, salary information, IBAN)
All documents on the platform are encrypted. Document download links are not public and have an expiration date.
Roles are very well defined: Employer, HR, Manager, Admin. This ensures that each role only has access to the necessary and relevant information for that role.
Employees cannot see confidential information about other employees, such as national identification number, salary, remaining vacation days, etc.

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