Logging work hours can be simple and intuitive

Silvia Truta

10 months ago

Logging work hours can be simple and intuitive

Logging work time (recording the work schedule) is crucial for both employer and employees, and that is for several reasons:

For Employers

Project management:

  • Helps in tracking progress and allocating resources efficiently.
  • Facilitates planning and prioritizing tasks.

Budgeting and billing:

  • Provides data about hours worked on different projects.
  • Improves the accuracy of billing and budget forecasts.


  • Allows analyzing how time is allocated and used.
  • Assists in identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity.

Legal compliance:

  • Ensures that the employer complies with local legislation regarding working and rest hours.
  • Helps avoid potential litigation or fines.

For employees

Transparency and fairness:

  • Ensures every working hour is recorded and appropriately compensated.

Organization and planning:

  • Helps employees organize their time and focus on priority tasks.
  • Contributes to balancing professional and personal life.

Feedback and development:

  • Recording progress and achievements can facilitate constructive discussions during performance reviews.
  • Can highlight needs for professional development or support in certain areas.

Reward and recognition:

  • Exceptional performances and overtime can be recognized and rewarded.


  • In certain contexts, employees can use logged data to demonstrate their productivity and negotiate flexibility regarding working modalities.

Therefore, logging work time not only provides a clear and transparent view of how time is allocated and used within the organization but also aids in creating a fair working environment and stimulating efficient project planning and deliveries.

In the video below, you can see how easily you can log and edit your working hours on the Growee platform, how you can set the date, choose the project, and fill in the details for each task separately.

If you find this useful and think it would simplify your process or your employees' process of logging work hours, you can try it for free, HERE.

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Team Growee