The labyrinth of contracts in entrepreneurship: essential guide for co-founders

Silvia Truta

10 months ago

The labyrinth of contracts in entrepreneurship: essential guide for co-founders

Entrepreneurs and co-founders often find themselves facing a complex array of decisions related to the types of contracts they choose in their business interactions. Let's delve deeper into the types of contracts you may encounter and how to manage them efficiently, especially in relation to employees and collaborators.

The concepts of PFA (Persoană Fizică Autorizată), CIM (Contract Individual de Muncă), and SRL (Societate cu Răspundere Limitată) from Romania might have some comparable entities or concepts in the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK), but it's crucial to note that legal structures and contractual norms can vary significantly from country to country due to different legal systems and business cultures. Here’s an approximate correspondence:

1. PFA

"Persoană Fizică Autorizată" translates to "Authorized Physical Person" in English. However, in the context of business and entrepreneurship, it is often referred to as a "Sole Proprietorship" when discussing similar business entities in English-speaking countries.

US: Sole Proprietorship

UK: Sole Trader

2. CIM

"Contract Individual de Muncă" translates to "Individual Employment Contract" in English. This term is used to describe a standard employment agreement between an employer and an employee, detailing the terms and conditions of employment, in Romania.

The notion of an individual employment contract in US and UK:

US: Employment Contract or Employment Agreement

UK: Employment Contract

3. SRL

"Societate cu Răspundere Limitată" translates to "Limited Liability Company" in English. In the context of business structures, it is often abbreviated as "LLC" in the United States. Similarly, in the UK, a comparable entity might be referred to as a "Private Limited Company" or "Ltd."

However, the specific legal and structural aspects of these business forms can vary significantly between countries.

US: LLC (Limited Liability Company)

UK: LTD (Private Company Limited by Shares) or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)

It's essential to highlight that while these entities or concepts might bear similarities to the Romanian PFA, CIM, and SRL, they are governed by entirely different legal parameters and requirements in the US and the UK. It’s always advisable to consult with a legal expert or a business advisor familiar with the specific country’s regulations and business environments for accurate advice and guidance.

To make sure you are always on the safe side, you might want to follow these steps before going for either types of contracts:

  • Understanding legislation: Familiarize yourself with local legislation and stay updated with any change that might affect how you run your business. Utilize online resources, hire a legal consultant, or attend workshops to develop your knowledge.
  • Tools and technologies: There is a multitude of digital tools designed to ease contract management. Look for platforms that allow storing, tracking, and signing documents in a virtual environment, saving time and resources.
  • Communication and transparency: In any contractual relationship, communication is key. Ensure all parties involved understand the terms and are in agreement. Any misunderstanding or discrepancy should be addressed promptly and transparently.

Step by step, contract by contract

Building a business is not straightforward, but every well-managed contract is a step in the right direction. I wish you courage in navigating through often turbulent waters of contract administration, and may every decision you make bring you closer to your entrepreneurial dream. Success!


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